A coaching program for frustrated corporate overachievers who want to land a seat at the big table while designing a life of impact in just 90 days.

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Does this sound like you?


You work so hard and have a heart of gold. You’ve always been an overachiever. You got the best grades. You got into a great college. You might even have gotten an advanced degree. And then the perfect storm hits…


You start a family. Which is great. And it inherently makes you question everything. Can I still go for the big career I always thought I wanted? Is that selfish? Will I have to compromise everything to have it?


At the same time, getting that next big job – getting a seat at the proverbial “big table” – takes a completely new skillset. There appears to be a whole new game you have to play. A game you’re not sure how to play. Or, that you even want to play.

At the same time, you’re also starting to wonder… Is this corporate, meeting-filled, 9-5 grind what I’m meant to do my whole life? Or is there something more I’m meant to be and do?








Your challenges and fears are real.


It sometimes feels like you’re stuck, and often you feel like burnt frickin’ toast. It’s kinda like you’re running on a treadmill and someone keeps coming by and pushing the up button. Again and again and again. It feels like any day now, you might just go flying and face-plant right off the tread-mill.

If you keep going like this, you feel like you’ll miss important moments with your family. Your relationship with your partner gets more and more like business and less and less like love. You’re also worried that if you keep going this way, your health might go to hell-in-a-handbasket. And for some reason, even though you work to the bone, you aren’t getting the big breaks or promotions. 


The scariest truth of it all? What if you just keep doing this for the next 20, 30, or even 40 years? What if you never reach your full potential? Or, God-forbid, what if you never pursue the thing that you’re uniquely put on this earth to do?! You can’t even think about possibly having to look back and wonder if it was ever all worth it.

I used to be you.


Hi, I’m Erin Hatzikostas – friend, mom, boss and career coach – all rolled into one. I became a corporate CEO at the age of 42. But it wasn’t easy.

I spent over 20 years in the corporate world, bobbing and weaving my way into a CEO position. After literally failing at my first career as an aspiring Actuary, I started to do things differently. 

I realized that instead of following the traditional rules - network, lean-in, have executive presence, blah blah - I could do things differently. I could focus more on standing out than stressing out.

In just four years I was promoted from Director to Sr. Director to Executive Director to CEO. I tripled my annual income and became the CEO of a healthcare financial company with 1,000 employees and $2 billion in financial assets. 

And then, plot twist, when it all was going great (on paper anyway) I found and followed a long-term path that has me following my true purpose in life.

After realizing it wasn’t luck that kept producing my success, I put a “formula” to what I’d figured out.


With authenticity being the river that run-ith through-ith...

I created an exclusive, powerful, and modern program that will help you get a seat at the big table, while also creating a roadmap for the long-term impact you crave.

You can have the “And.”

The truth is that you’ve been spending too much time following an old, crusty, corporate career playbook. A playbook that makes you feel like you might have to sell out. Instead, you need a new playbook that focuses on making sure you stand out.

This new playbook will no longer have you feeling like you have to compromise to rise. You can have the big career AND…


It starts by reversing the game.


It’s time to stop fitting into someone else’s mold. You’ve spent too much time trying to figure out what your boss needs from you. What you need to do to land the next interview. What other degrees or experience you need.

But you haven’t first figured out what you really want.

Instead, it’s time to reverse engineer that shit. You need to first determine the career, and life, you want and deserve.

Then from there, watch out. You can then start to create a plan and playbook that gives you…

1.) Career AND life

2.) Short-term success AND a long-term plan of prosperity, purpose and peace.

Know that the things you desire, are all things you can and should have…

You are done with just working hard. You have ideas and passion. You want a seat and voice at the table. It’s time for you to take your experience and become a more influential player in the company, where you can feel like you’re delivering value every. single. day.

It’s also critical that you continue to be intellectually challenged. You’ve realized that you’re only at your best when you’re continually learning and figuring out shit that you (or others) ever thought you could.

You desperately want to do all this while also maintaining harmony with your kids, life partner, friends and family. And let’s be clear - you don’t want or need lackadaisical. You just need some damn breathing room from time to time! 

And ultimately you want to feel the freedom that comes with financial success. At the same time, you’re unwilling to live a life that doesn’t explore – and pursue – the ultimate purpose that you were put on this earth to do.

So you might be asking, where the hell do I start?

I’ve combined my experience as a corporate executive + someone 100% following her life’s work (+ two years of coaching others to success) to come up with the ultimate program… 

A 5-step program for frustrated corporate overachievers who want to land a seat at the big table while designing a life of impact in just 60 days.

I'd love to meet you to ensure you are a good fit for this program. Please schedule a call below.

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You are a perfect fit if…

You think more hard work = more success. 

The truth is that working harder is actually what prevents most people from getting the big jobs. The truth is that hard work is easy to come by. It’s leadership, vision and other traits that are critical to getting to the next level.


You’re surrounded by assholes & they’re holding you back. 

Newsflash – there are assholes everywhere. And it’s all just part of the fun game. But you can’t fight fire with fire. Instead, you need a new mindset and playbook for dealing with and fighting through these fun people. Without it, you’re going to stay stuck.


You think you have to compromise one thing for the other. 

Unfortunately, you’ve been conditioned to think that there’s an anticorrelation between our career and everything else. Take a bigger job, give up more at home. That may be the case if you keep following the crusty, circa-1990 career playbook. But with a new playbook - with authenticity as your secret weapon – your entire career graph tips.


You think there’s always one right next move

Man, this one paralyzes so many people. You feel like you’ve gotta figure out that right, one next move. But the reality is that there isn’t one right move. But there are key things you want to think about checking off with each move. Top of that list? Getting uncomfortable. 

Sarah B.

I got the new job, I have resigned and I am actually doing this. On top of a new challenge I am getting a $25k salary increase, 10% higher bonus potential and equity is not too shabby with how well this company is doing. I am super excited and also relieved that a lot of tough conversations are behind me, although a few more to go.
I really believe without your help over the last year I would not have stepped out of my comfort zone and gone for this opportunity nor edged out my competition in what was apparently a very tough decision. 
Thank you for everything! 

Authentic Success from
Program Participants

The Big And System

Outside-in-> Inside-out

We create the 3 Cs (Clarity, Confidence, Calm) by transforming  your thinking from outside-in to inside-out 

-Create and lean into your 1-year and 5-year Future Diaries -2-hour call


We explore and create a new, modern playbook that has you  start using your authenticity as your secret weapon. 

-Review of my 6 Principles of Strategic Authenticity – H.U.M.A.N.S. -1-hour call

Sucky Songs

Sing them (not literally), burn them 

-Identification of limiting beliefs and ceremonially burning of them -1-hour call

The One Thing

This is your Tough Love Lift where we find the one thing that if we  can shift focus would change everything 

-Self-assessment + Erin’s tough love identification 

-1-hour call

Authentic Accountability (AA)

Ongoing sessions to hear (and guide if needed) your transformation

-Two 30-min calls

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Krista A.

I had been following Erin and listening to their podcasts. I decided to finally stick my neck out and work with her. I knew I needed to shake things up. After our first deep-dive session, she helped me refine my message down to the essence of who I am and what I’ve accomplished. About a week later I got a job offer from a company I was dying to work with. I went from feeling like my back was against the wall to  feeling on top of the world in just a few weeks. Erin's coaching is incredibly gritty, honest, and heartfelt. The best part is knowing Erin has my back and believes in me, which is so impactful and meaningful.

We can do great things, together!


Look, I'm going to be frank here. I have a superpower: when I’m able to work with people, magical things happen. I left my fancy, fun and lucrative career for a reason. I want to help others – I want to help you – have the same (or more) success I had.


It breaks my heart that so many amazing people aren’t the ones climbing the corporate ladder. Too often, it’s the same old, middle-aged “dudes” (sorry dudes). That’s why in 2018 I decided to walk away from it all and focus on sharing what I know with others. 


I am incredibly confident that if we work together, I can help you fundamentally change the trajectory of your career… and your life.  I designed this program to be affordable for anyone to get the “executive coaching” that my company spent tens of thousands of dollars on. I designed this program to help the good guys and girls rise to the top.


I designed this program to change millions of lives. I hope you’ll be one of them.

Erin's Story

Erin is the living, breathing business case for authentic leadership. 


Erin spent her career “first half” working in the corporate world, where at the age of 42, she became the CEO of a $2bn healthcare financial institution. In just 3 years, she tripled earnings and sent employee engagement skyrocketing.


And just when things were going great, she decided to walk away so that she could help solve what truly breaks her heart: the immense lack of authenticity and happiness in Corporate America. 

Now the founder of b Authentic inc, Erin is provoking a movement to eradicate the all-too-fake Corporate environment by inspiring and enabling an army of people to crush their career, without compromising everything else.

Erin is a prolific speaker, thought leader, and edutainer. She has spoken in front of thousands, is a regular contributor to Business Insider and several industry-leading publications. She also cohosts an offbeat career and leadership podcast, b Cause with Erin & Nicole. She is a CEO, wife, mother, coach, runner, MBA, and a Running Man enthusiast.