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Authentic Feedback

“I hate self-help books. The fact that I cracked open your book and am already in Part 2, and only stopped to pee, shows that this is THE book for people that hate self-help books. Remember those “chicken soup for the soul” books? This is a cold margarita for the exhausted mompreneur.”

"I just finished the's incredible. I had almost finished the Sucky Songs I put on socks and headphones (so not to disturb neighbors) and danced in the kitchen for about 90 minutes! I didn't want to read, I wanted to dance, that simple!"

“I’ve always believed that the book I need to read finds me at the time I need it. Yesterday I was struggling with trying to balance doing things the way they are supposed to be done versus doing what feels right. It was the message that I needed to hear..."

"Erin, I’m not bullshitting you. I loved every page. I can’t wait to use the book in some of my mentoring. I know you’ll have incredible success with this. I needed You Do You(ish) more than I knew. Thank you."

“I read this book and it just spoke to me. I found myself nodding my head through the whole thing. As a mom just trying hard to balance motherhood and working hard to navigate my career, it was a really good reminder on what to focus on and what matters.”

"This book made me laugh at the stark realizations and gave me permission to "pivot, skip, jump, bob, weave" and most importantly to lead authentically! Couldn't put it down! The humor was on point."